Meet the SIGs

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

EMWA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allow EMWA and its members to contribute to important conversations around topics that will impact our industry in the coming years. A SIG is a vehicle for EMWA members to meet, discuss and share information and best practice on a hot topic in the world of medical writing and communication.

Currently, EMWA has six SIGs on the following topics: Pharmacovigilance (PV SIG), Regulatory Public Disclosure (RPD SIG), Medical Devices (MD SIG), Veterinary Medical Writing (Vet SIG), Medical Communications (MedComms SIG), and Sustainability (SUS SIG).

With the ‘Meet the SIG Session’ we aim to provide you a brief overview on the SIGs, how they work, and how you can participate and join one of them. For further information, please visit the SIG website: