Nowadays, Simply Testing is Not Enough

2:20 PM - 2:40 PM

From an innovative study of a blood-based HIV self-test in Canada that led to Health Canada approval of a novel HIV self-test in November 2020, REACH progressed to a full implementation science project to provide widespread low barrier access to the selftest, along with technology assisted linkage to care and prevention options through a dedicated web site, mobile app and telehealth platform for booking time with peer navigators. This implementation science project, supported through a CIHR Team Grant and CANFAR, called “I’m Ready” is scheduled to launch in April this year. The project will provide up to 50,000 free HIV self-tests to participants from across Canada, along with self-directed and peer navigator-assisted pathways for linkage to care and prevention services in each province and territory. Extensive program evaluation and cost effectiveness outcomes will be conducted in support of long-term program sustainability efforts.