VET SIG Seminar - Three views from the field: Two vets and one medical writer discuss animal research, public health, and the veterinary post-mortem

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Animal experimentation & alternative methods to testing - Jennifer Freymann
The presentation will give insights into the 3R s (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) in the context of animal experimentation. The presentation will provide helpful tips for medical writers starting in this area, including reporting guidelines and specific search guides.

Speaker Biography
Jennifer Freymann is a veterinarian (Hanover, Germany) who has worked as a scientist and animal welfare officer in laboratory animal science and investigated the influence of housing conditions on laboratory mice and experimental results. She has worked for IQWIG, the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, which examines the benefits and harms of medical interventions for patients. Currently she works as medical writer and clinical affairs manager for a company that produces in vitro diagnostics.

Food safety, control of zoonoses and combatting AMR - Kilian Unger

Speaker biography
Kilian Unger is a veterinarian who is working for many years as a veterinary public health specialist with the Department of Agriculture’s State Veterinary Service (SVS) in Ireland. He started as a veterinary inspector, moved into the Department Head Office and acquired good experience in a variety of areas including food safety, animal health and animal welfare.
For over 15 years Kilian has specialised in Veterinary Public Health Policy with particular emphasis on food safety and zoonoses. He has represented Ireland at various international forums including EU Commission working group and Standing Committee meetings, the EFSA network on Zoonoses Monitoring Data Collection and the annual FAO/WHO Codex Committee meeting on Food Hygiene.
He is also a member of various technical advisory and working group committees at national level.

A foray into bovine pathology: A medical writer’s view of the veterinary post-mortem - Henry Smith 
Pathology is a key area for veterinary medical communicators. The presenter (who is a medical writer and not a veterinarian) will share some examples of basic pathology report sentences, using an interactive tool to solicit audience opinions. Please be aware that this presentation will include images from an actual animal post-mortem examination.

Speaker Biography
Henry Smith has a medical translator background working between Japanese and English. After 11 years at a Japanese laboratory performing pre-clinical studies and doing medical writing, he started teaching Veterinary Medical English to undergraduates and postgraduates in the veterinary faculty of Kagoshima University, Japan, where he is working since 2012..