Different Requirements for Presentations Held on Virtual Events

12:25 PM - 12:40 PM

It is probably fair to predict that virtual events are here to stay even when “normality” returns after the pandemic. Most of us have a desire to return to face-to-face conference involvement but we have learnt that virtual events have value and provide an opportunity to enhance the content of presentations. However, with virtual events short attention spans, other competing distractions on screen and general online fatigue may lead to browsing, jumping around content and a lack of focus leading to readers or audiences not been fully engaged. There are ways to address this, for example with visually attractive materials particularly using infographics, additional supportive information accessible via QR codes and presenter voice overs and videos. If the thought of getting compliance approval for these materials is daunting, fear not, the process for additional approvals does not need to be complicated as will be outlined.