Steve Raymond

Personal Health Insights

Steve’s interest in tracking individuals emerged from measuring aftereffects of impulse activity on firing thresholds of nerve axons. Longitudinal measurement has been a common thread since then: physiology (BS, Stanford University & Ames Research Center), Biology and Neurophysiology (PhD, MIT 1969), electrical engineering and computer science (Asst. Professor MIT, 1970-2001), Anesthesia and Neurophysiology (Faculty, Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, 1981-2002). He studied the impact of anesthetics on neuronal discharge patterns as a clue to consciousness. In 1995 he invented the personal health tracker, co-founding PHT in 1994 to track trial human subjects as they undergo experimental therapies. He joined PHT as Chief Scientific Officer in 1997. PHT was acquired by eResearch Technology in 2015, and Steve now serves as Chief Scientist in ERT’s Dept of Scientific Affairs. He moved to Hawaii in 2008 and founded Personal Health Insights to develop remote tracking technologies of subjective and objective measures.