Craig Woods

Woods Consulting, LLC

Craig Woods is a clinical researcher and business developer with over 20 years of experience in human and veterinary clinical trials, technology licensing, and company start-ups.

In 2007, Craig started Woods Consulting, LLC (formerly Animal Health Consulting, LLC). Woods Consulting, LLC provides regulatory, business development, and pharmaceutical development services for seeking to enter the veterinary and animal health market.

Craig is also the Director – Institute for Healthcare Innovation at Midwestern University (Glendale, AZ). In this capacity, he is responsible for managing human phase II-IV clinical trials, veterinary clinical studies and translational research with University clinics and external hospitals. Craig also serves as an investigator on various human and veterinary clinical studies. Prior to academia, Craig spent 15+ years in the pharmaceutical industry holding business development, regulatory, management and research positions. During these years, he led efforts to license, develop and/or commercialize bioscaffolds, medical devices, antivenoms, and biologics. From 1995-1998, Craig was in small animal clinical practice.